Public Works

Click the images below to see April's artwork.

<span class='cap_title'>Major Edward Allworth, Medal of Honor Recipient,  Meuse River, France</span><br />48 by 34 inches, Oil on Canvas.<br />
<br />
Commissioned by the Oregon Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Oregon Percent for Art Program. Now in the collection of the State of Oregon, and is located at the  Edward Allworth Veteran’s Home in Lebanon, Oregon.<br />
<br />
<span class='cap_title'>Senator Merkley with print of Oneonta Creek by April Waters</span> <span class='cap_title'>South Willamette Valley print displayed in Senator Jeff Merkley's DC office</span> <span class='cap_title'>Season's Edge</span><br />Pastel, 19 by 30"<br />
Collection of Oregon State University <span class='cap_title'>Willamette River Valley</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 5 feet by 20 feet<br />
Hope Orthopedic Clinic, Salem, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>One Water</span><br />Oil on Canvas 36 x 88"<br />
Collection of State of Oregon<br />
Location: Western Oregon University<br />
Health and Wellness Center <span class='cap_title'>Oneonta Creek, Columbia River Gorge</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 36 by 80"<br />
Salem Hospital,  Oregon <span class='cap_title'>Opal Creek </span><br />Oil on Canvas, 36 x 72"<br />
Collier Law <br />
Salem, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>Willamette Valley View</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 72 x 108"<br />
Collection of Salem Hospital <span class='cap_title'>Opal Creek Reflections</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 80 x 36"<br />
Commissioned for the Unitarian Fellowship of Salem, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>River Gifts, Willamette</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 50 by 80"<br />
Sacred Heart, PeaceHealth Hospital, Springfield, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>Sand Lake Estuary</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 34 by 80"<br />
Slocum Orthopedic Clinic, Eugene, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>Riverbend, Willamette</span><br />Oil on Canvas, 36 x 68"<br />
Adventist Medical Center, Portland, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>Seal Cove, Salmon River Estuary</span><br />Oil on Wood, 30 by 88"<br />
Collection of the State of Oregon<br />
Location: The Edward Allworth Veteran's Home in Lebanon, Oregon <span class='cap_title'>Three Pools, Opal Creek</span><br />Oil on Wood, 34 x 80"<br />
Salem Hospital, Oregon