Salem artist brings Medal of Honor recipient to life

Full story found in the Statesmen Journal

Every medal, insignia, and rank on Edward Allworth's World War I Army uniform is in the right place.

April Waters went to great lengths to make sure of that, enlisting the help of a military historian and a uniform expert to know where the awards and decorations belonged on his chest, lapels, collars and shoulder sleeves.

"It had to be just right," said Waters, a Salem artist who was commissioned to paint a portrait of Allworth for the Oregon veterans' home in Lebanon that is named in his honor.

This was a bit of a stretch for her because she is best known as a landscape artist and hasn't done many posthumous portraits.

"Especially not as high profile or as important," Waters said. "This was a big honor to get this commission."

Allworth is one of the state's 13 Medal of Honor recipients and the only one from World War I.

He was awarded the nation's highest and most prestigious military honor for extraordinary valor while serving with the 60th Infantry, 5th Division on Nov. 5, 1918, on the banks of the Meuse River near Cléry-le-Petit, France.

Full story found in the Statesmen Journal

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