Oregon Artist, April Waters, Chosen to Participate in the National Science Foundation Antarctic Artists and Writers Program

Salem artist April Waters has recently been chosen by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to participate in their Antarctic Artists and Writers Program during the month of November, 2018. This honor allows Waters to study the sea ice, ocean, icebergs, and the Maar Glacier at Palmer Station in Antarctica in preparation for her upcoming exhibit, Water-Ice-Sky, intended for student and public engagement throughout Oregon and internationally.

Upon her return, Waters will complete an exhibition of large-scale paintings for exhibit in multiple galleries as well as public showings for educators, students, and the public. The exhibition will speak to the beauty and the vulnerability of Antarctica’s fragile and susceptible ecosystem.

Waters will make the week-long journey from Oregon to Antarctica this November, flying into Santiago, Chile, and completing her journey into Palmer Station by boat. According to Dr. Hugh Ducklow, lead principal investigator of the Palmer Antarctica Long-Term Ecological Research Project, October and November are the best times to observe the sea ice. The Antarctic Artists and Writers Program provides opportunities for scholars in the humanities to work in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in an ongoing effort to increase understanding of the Antarctic and its heritage through serious writings and works of art.

Waters’ work has historically focused on rivers, creeks, estuaries, and oceans and has led to regional acclaim through her exhibits and collaboration with scientists and universities. In addition, her recent Sheroes exhibit featured large-scale portraits of women from around the world who have taken a stand to protect people and/or resources. Most recently, she completed a portrait of Dr. Sylvia Earle, named First Hero of the Planet by Time magazine, and whose work promotes worldwide marine sanctuaries. Waters’ paintings are in the collections of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, The State of Oregon, Oregon State University, Salem Hospital, PeaceHealth Medical Center, as well as many other collections. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions over the years, including a one-person show in the office of Oregon’s Governor.

More information on the National Science Foundation’s Artists and Writers Program can be found at http://www.nsf.gov.

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